Advanced Tree Falling
(Level 3 chainsaw operation)

Duration and objectives

The duration of this Level 3 course is dependent on the participant’s level of aptitude and experience. Note that participants should already be competent and experienced tree fallers at the intermediate level.

The objective of this course is to hone the specialist skills of the tree faller to enable them to handle problem trees safely and with expert judgement.


Topics Covered in Level 3 chainsaw operation

Advanced boring techniques

Assessing hazardous trees

Advanced falling techniques for problem trees, including trees that are:

– dead

– forward leaning

– side leaning

– hollow

– burnt out

– co-domminant stemmed

– diameter of more than twice the length of the cutting bar

Competency accreditations

FWPCOT2254: Maintain chainsaws

FWPCOT2256: Trim and cut felled trees

FWPCOT2253: Fell trees manually (basic)

FWPFGM3216: Fell trees manually (intermediate)

FWPFGM3217: Fell trees manually (advanced)

Also available are:

FWPHAR3205: Harvest trees manually (intermediate)

FWPHAR3209: Harvest trees manually (advanced)