Trim and Cut Felled Trees
(Level 1 chainsaw operation)

Duration and objectives

This Level 1 course is delivered over three days, comprising one day of theory and two days of hands-on operation.

It provides detailed instruction on how to trim and crosscut felled trees, and deal with typical hazards encountered in a forest or bushland setting. The course also covers basic chainsaw maintenance and sharpening. The second and third day of training are carried out in the forest, where participants are given extensive practical experience in cutting and boring techniques.


Topics covered in Level 1 chainsaw operation

Outline of the Work Health and Safety Act

Personal equipment and chainsaw kit

Professional attitude and confidence

Chainsaw safety features and general safety

The cutting attachment

Sharpening, tensioning and depth gauge setting

The problem of kickback

Crosscutting theory and practice

Dealing with compression and tension in timber

Safe techniques for limbing, swinging and step cuts

Safe techniques for boring and ripping cuts

Safe techniques for cutting oversized logs

Using wedges

Environmental care procedures


Competency accreditations

FWPCOT2254: Maintain chainsaws

FWPCOT2256: Trim and cut felled trees