Cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw

Duration and objectives

This course is generally delivered over one day, subject to variation depending on the site requirements.

It provides operators with basic instruction in how to use a chainsaw safely and carry out simple maintenance procedures. The course is designed for people who need to crosscut timber products or small-diameter logs under controlled conditions, such as in a timber yard or manufacturing plant, or at home cutting firewood to length.

Note that people who use a chainsaw to clear windblown trees or crosscut logs in a forest environment should do the course: Trim and cut felled trees.


Topics covered

Chainsaw hazards

Outline of the Work Health and Safety Act and the operator’s ‘duty of care’

Personal protective equipment and chainsaw kit

Maintaining a professional attitude

Chainsaw safety features and general safety

The cutting attachment

Basic sharpening theory and daily maintenance (optional)

The problem of kickback

Crosscutting principles and safe work practices


Competency accreditations

FWPCOT2254: Maintain chainsaws (optional)

FWPCOT2259: Cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw