health and safety policy

Our Commitment

Australian Operator Training is committed to ensuring a safe workplace for all. This includes our staff and contractors, and also extends to employers, customers, and the general public.

To achieve this commitment, Australian Operator Training has adopted a safety risk management framework designed to identify and assess safety risks to ensure that suitable measures are identified, implemented and reviewed. In doing so, we recognise the important of consultation and ongoing promotion of safety awareness. Our core values are based on the premises that we must care for ourselves, our co-workers and our company and that nothing comes before the safety of anyone that enters our facilities.

We are committed to:

  • Zero injuries, occupational illnesses, and incidents.
  • Protecting resources by driving towards zero waste and emissions.
  • Designing, building, operating, and maintaining our facilities to effectively manage safety and other hazards and to minimize risks.
  • Delivering training solutions that contribute to a safer and more sustainable future.
  • Resolving circumstances responsibly that require corrective action.
  • Compliance with this Commitment, applicable laws, and other requirements is the responsibility of every employee and contractor acting on our behalf.

We strive to build a culture where every person feels free to report hazards and to ensure that work practices are efficient, effective and logical, whilst fostering the belief that all incidents and accidents are preventable.

Australian Operator Training leadership is committed to supporting this policy with the resources and accountability necessary to achieve this policy.


Jason Hartwell

Managing Director

1st of January 2024

Our Values - to achieve

  • No Harm
  • Industry Best Practice
  • Continuous Improvement

We pride ourselves on our

  • Extensive Industry Experience
  • Versatility & Reliability
  • Ability to meet client needs

We strive to perfect our

  • Thoroughness & Efficiency
  • Quality of Services
  • Reputation as Industry Leaders